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April 14, 2018
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2018 Web Designing Trends

The latest Web designing trends for 2018. Web designing trends have a lot to look forward to in 2018, from particle backgrounds to saturated color schemes to animations and so on. The Web designing trends also includes vibrant colors, bold typefaces and more to keep attention on website.Keeping track of the latest web designing trends in website creation becomes a sign of good taste for both professional designers and ordinary web users.
Some Web designing trends are as follow:

  1. Responsive Web design :

    As Google moved to Mobile first search. Web Developers are now comfortable with Responsive Web Designs.A mobile friendly website will look good on mobile devices. But might have bugs and be harder to navigate when view on devices with a higher resolution. While a responsive website allows your website to look good on any size of screen. So websites viewed on a desktop, mobile phone, or a tablet etc and users won’t ‘notice any difference’ in your site’s general appearance on their screen.

  2. Big Bold & Creative Typography:
    Typography is a powerful tool and its use on the web has increased out this year. Web Designers are turning Typography into a tool to create exciting innovative designs as artwork. In 2018 Web Designs don’t revolve around a few types, it is a  combination of 5–6 types which designers are used.A trends of large and bold letters, contrasting  sans serif  headings help to create dynamic parallels, improve UX designing,  and keep the visitors reading your websites.
  3. Integrated animations:
    “Animation can play a huge part in making ideas and interfaces easier to understand,”. Animations mentioned earlier smaller animations are helpful for engaging the visitor throughout their entire experience on the page .Animations have shown and will continue to show the brand’s strength in our digital world, giving a strong personality to the brand, making it less static and more dynamic,”. Use Integrated Animations to guide your users through navigation, loading screens, etc.
  4. Dynamic gradients and Bright colors:
    In 2018, gradient are rocking vibrant with full of colors. Gradients are a great way to add interest, color, and even depth to a web design. You can use the same color in many shades, many shades of many colors or several other combinations you may think of. Gradient gives a unique style to your website and make your website attractive . You can use a cool gradient for the whole website design, or only in the header and footer.
  5. Video On website:
    Video is another way to make our website interactive. and attract the user to stay longer on your website. Video represent your brands personality and user can easily and better understand what you stand for and what you are. A video will go mainstream in web designing. It helps to build user’s interest in your business and becomes one of the reasons that keeps the customer coming back to your site.

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