Top 5 Programming Language You Have to Learn

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March 16, 2020
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Top 5 Programming Language You Have to Learn

Top 5 Programming Languages

There are numbers of programming languages but is not possible to learn all languages. But if you want to learn a programming language than you have to know what are the trending languages of the year. The below list is the top 5 programming languages.

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. JavaScript
  4. C and C++
  5. Go long

How these programming languages topped

  • Python

Python is much popular because this language is more productive programming language among other languages. Python is briefer and expensive language and saves time, efforts and codes to perform the operation. That’s why Python take no.1 position.

  • Java

The “java” language takes the no.2 position because java is a platform-independent. Java is the object-oriented language because programming in java is creating objects, manipulating objects, and making objects work together. This allows you to create programs and reusable code.

  • JavaScript

Javascript takes the position on 3rd because javascript is a scripting language and mostly 95% of websites used javascript language. Javascript is a flexible and powerful programming language which is implemented consistently various kinds of the web browser. Inclusive with HTML and CSS it is a core component of web technology. Where HTML is a structural language and CSS is a styling language, JavaScript provides interactive to the web page in the browser.

  • C and C++

C & C++ take 4th position. C & C++ are different languages. Both are designed with different viewpoints. Where C is widely used for memory management. C provides flexibility to the programmer, when where and how to allocate and deallocate the memory. Using C you can create kernel, Operating System, some of Compiler and so on. Where C++ is very compact and execute very quickly. C++ is the fastest programming language. C++ has a huge amount of libraries tools and frameworks. C++ have a lot of features that make this language very good for writing and maintaining large scale software.

  • Go long

The 5th position is taken by “Golang”. Golang means “go language” which generated by google and nowadays this language is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the Information Technology industries. This language is popular in developers because of its speed, simplicity and reliability. The feature of this language is fast, high performance and open source compiled programming language and statistically typed. The syntax of this language is similar to the C language. This language is used by big brands like YouTube, Uber, Google, Dailymotion, Adobe, BBC, etc. Through this language, we can develop software and mobile applications.

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