Dot Net

Dot Net or .NET Training

.NET is a free, open-source, cross-platform to build different types of application. .NET is not a programing language it is a software which is developed by Microsoft. By using .NET  we can develop Web Application, Desktop Application, Mobile Application. And also .NET is a collection of the languages.

In our institute, you can learn the complete knowledge of the .NET software framework. How you can create an application, work on a project and work with one of the frameworks such as ASP.NET,  VB.NET. And you can While doing .NET classes in this institute you actually building the web applications, this factor makes this profession exciting.

Below metion syllabus are thoroughly covered in our training program.

  • Software Development Trends
  • Comparison between different languages
  • .NET Framework Overview
  • .NET Framework Architecture
  • Different Component of .NET Framework
  • Compilation Process
  • .NET Platform Specifications & Tools
  • Introduction to Integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Architecture
  • Architecture of .NET Framework and IDE
  • Assemblies 
  • Namespace
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Concept
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Designing 
  • Implementation of Object Oriented Programming Concept
  • Data types, Type Conversion, Operators and Controls  
  • Structures 
  • Procedures and Functions
  • Access Modifiers
  • Working with Numbers, Strings, Dates and Arrays 
  • Buildings & Running Applications
  • Windows Forms
  • Controls, Dialog Boxes, Delegates, & Event Handling
  •  Object Oriented Implementation Using C#, .NET/VB.NET 
  • Creating Classes and User Controls 
  • Anatomy of XML Documents
  • Document Type Definition
  • DOM Date Binding in HTML page DSO
  • Comparison between different Data access Technology
  • Architechture of ADO.NET
  • Working with different Data Access Components and Classes 
  • Working with store Procedures
  • Data binding with different Controls